Bio: Renee Webb is a single, childfree, professional who and lives in Kalamazoo with her beloved house panther OliverKitty. She is a seeker of depth and realness. She has spent a lifetime wondering in a desert of unkindness and trauma. She is tenaciously holding onto God’s promises as she continues on the road of healing and destroying the negative thought patterns and behaviors that kept her trapped for so long. . She is learning to listen to and follow the whispers of her heart, as well as what it looks like to be kind to herself and to receive kindness from others. She revels in moments of God’s beauty and marinates in them whenever possible. She is a daughter of a king and a fearless warrior. She has finally reached a place of healing to the point of being able to help others who are struggling with their own stories of trauma and abuse, and that is what she calls redemption for all she has endured. This blog was a challenge presented to me by someone who knows my "story", and leads many like me in the journey of healing from abuse. They encouraged me to write down the secret places of my heart that have been forced into silence for far too long, so that the healing light of truth could expose the lies. Why have I chosen to make this "public"? Because there is something about telling the secrets to others that takes away their power, and having others witness these secrets creates an "accountability" of sorts. I was taught, threatened and punished to maintain silence, to never tell, to wear a mask and smile, to keep up pretenses at all costs, the biggest cost being me. I've chosen to remove the mask, and to finally begin to shed light on the lies that have kept me captive. The secrets will no longer be kept, the abusers no longer protected by the cost of my freedom. So I will write here, and it will be risky, messy, scary and freeing all at the same time. And that is ok, because it is a step towards recovering me, and I'm learning that I'm worth the risk. "Because if there's one thing I've learned it is this: when we have an urge to do something, even if we don't know WHY, it's likely that it's our intuition calling us - a little whisper nudging us in a direction that will lead to joy."- KellyRaeRoberts

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