Something Beautiful

Psalm 90:17 And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us…

I’ve discovered that when my soul is not at rest, that the best remedy for me is to seek out beauty.  There is something about beauty, especially the beauty found in nature that brings a peace to my body, and shortens the distance I feel from the presence of God.

My heart leaps when spotting the very first Robin of the year, carrying with it the proclamation that winter is over! Rejoice! After what seems to have been a lifetime of cold and dreary, warm rains bring the smell of damp earth and with it the appearance of fresh life pushing up from under the decay of fallen leaves. The first bud, the first bloom, and then the sudden burst of green as the world seems to come alive all at once.

Magic happens lying under a tree on a warm summer day and looking up through its lush, green, leaves to the bright blue of the sky in between the branches, while the sun peaks through in golden lines.  

Sitting at the very edge of the great Lake Michigan, everything around me disappears into the sounds of the waves and the feel of sand beneath my feet. The scent of the breeze on my face and the call of the gulls flying above transports me to a place of peaceful solitude.

The satisfying crunch of fallen leaves under my feet, and the way they rustle when the breeze turns them inside out and they float gently to the ground. The thrill of catching a glimpse of that rare moment when a rush of wind causes the leaves to swirl off the ground into a funnel formation, and then settles back into itself.

Ahhh, and my favorite, the first glistening snow fall after what seems an eternity of bleak, brown-ness. The best part is when the light catches the snow just right and the whole world is glistening like diamonds! Magic is standing under the moonlight watching giant snowflakes float around you. When else are you ever more aware of the air that passes in and out of your lungs, the crisp cold of it going in and the visible release of it going back into the atmosphere. The crunch of snow with every step, and stillness. There is no other stillness like that of a cold winter night.  No other season offers that kind of silence, or that kind of stillness. No leaves to rustle, no crickets to chirp, no birds singing, no bugs buzzing. Silence, stillness, shimmering white, and snowflakes that dance around you.

God has created something beautiful, and His creations are majestic and peace bringing.